Your company’s fundamental development does not stop at your domestic borders. More than ever, companies are expected to follow their customers to new locations around the world, which also helps to safeguard business back home.

New international sales and production sites will enable your company to achieve constant expansion and market penetration.


PRETTL PRO and the international presence of the Prettl Group are guarantees of successful market entry. Our staff are native speakers, locally based, and have a network of excellent business contacts in their country.

In a nutshell, we offer essential insider information in the B2B and B2C areas, as well as an insight into the cultural etiquette necessary to capture new markets.


  • Assessing and analyzing the international market
  • Helping you to find the perfect partner
  • Launching your products in the corresponding region
  • Helping you to present your products (marketing)
  • Providing contacts on the ground

We travel to the moon and back for our customers. Every year.

Our team knows many regions of this world inside out. Which countries are important to you?

600 is reminiscent of the numerical value of the greek number Chi. For PRETTL, this is the number of customers who place their trust in us every year.

Prettl - helps you to internationalize your product on a global stage by finding the right partners to help you effectively conduct your business and organize your distribution.


PRETTL PRO is a business accelerator. It helps you to internationalize your product on a global stage by finding the right partners to help you effectively conduct your business and organize your distribution.

We assist you in evaluating opportunities in countries across the world, and we analyze markets to assess their suitability for your company and product.

We also support you in redefining priorities, business models, and best management practice.

Our marketing and legal team will provide guidance in identifying key market trends on a local level, as we believe this is vital for successful market entry.

ENDRESS quality products - perfection, innovation, precision

ENDRESS has specialised in development, production and distribution of first-class generators since 1914. By innovations and product novelties, which are technically ambitious and trend-setting, ENDRESS intends to assure its leading role in future.

REFU - the frequency converter pioneer. Setting new benchmarks with sustainable solutions is our philosophy. And it's the future too. This concept is applied in three different market segments by the company's REFUdrive, REFUenergy and REFUsol divisions.

Prettl electronics is one of German's leading system suppliers for electric manufacturing services (EMS). Our services range from professional solutions for development, production, logistics to our after-sales service.

Alongside supplying customer-specific products, the electronics business segment develops, produces and markets complete systems and electronic assemblies through its own brands.


myJupiter – whether you want to fill the house with the comforting aroma of baked cookies, enjoy the tongue-prickling sparkle of a fresh juice, or simply savor the taste of a special dish, we can help you create those magical experiences in the kitchen – every day. And that's with products that are "light" in every sense, not just from the food point of view. They're so simple to handle, you can easily produce delicious results.


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